Telehealth Overview

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What Is Telehealth?

The terms telehealth, teletherapy, telemedicine, and telepsychiatry are essentially synonymous and describe the same processes. Most states define telehealth as clinical practice where the patient and provider are in different locations connected by audio, video, or data.

The EMM Telehealth platform equips clinicians to engage patients via video, audio, and data in a secure HIPAA compliant manner. The technical processes must incorporate the regulatory requirements for effective use. To accomplish this a Telehealth platform must do more than just provide the connection, but must account for the data gathering and patient rights required by HIPAA.

What Does Telehealth Do For Me?

Adding Telehealth to a practice produces dramatic benefits to patients and providers:

  1. Reach more patients
  2. Reduce missed appointments
  3. Reduce costs
  4. Increase revenue
  5. Improve patient satisfaction
  6. Improve patient outcomes
  7. Increase patient privacy
  8. Increase your efficiency


Get Telehealth Now

Getting started is easy, just follow the links and select the desired option. Which service package fits depends on where you are in including Telehealth into your practice. LEARN MORE

For Clinics and Large Groups including specialty and EHR/EMR integration options request a quote or demo. LEARN MORE

Creative use of Telehealth -Examples

Our Platform can be used in a vast array of clinical specialties. Seeing examples can inspire creativity increasing patient outcomes and cost savings. We have customized solutions for almost all situations. TELEHEALTH EXAMPLES

Whether you are just exploring how your practice can use telehealth or if you are looking for sophisticated integration and management we can help. LEARN MORE

What is the Standard of Care?

Each state establishes the laws governing “standard of care”. Most states have addressed telehealth and have defined the standard of care for telehealth to be┬áthe same standard of care as defined for in person visits and treatments.

Each state varies in its licensing and standard of care requirements. We can help you navigate the requirements.

Is telehealth required to meet HIPAA and regulatory requirements?

The answer is a clear yes. Even though many telehealth platforms waffle or obfuscate on regulatory compliance, the rules and regulations do apply both from a federal as well as a state level.

We take regulatory compliance very seriously. Our platform has been conceived and constructed to achieve HIPAA compliance. LEARN MORE


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