How to use

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Use Computer, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet

Our platform works with almost all devices. Screen size is important for certain treatment modalities.

Clinicians may prefer screens with more “real estate.” Devices with screens 13″ or more often produce the best results.

Patients may also need more screen space. Consider what you want them to see and do.

Selecting Patients for Telehealth

Consider Patient Readiness

  • Does the patient have a device to use?
  • Is there an impacting disability?
  • Is a caregiver’s assistance required?
  • What service will you provide in the session?
  • Age of patient
  • Cognitive status of patient
  • Will telehealth enhance patient’s treatment?

A few examples can help in understanding the many uses of Telehealth. LEARN MORE

Patients Generally Prefer Tehealth

Patients respond very favorably approving telehealth in satisfaction surveys . Telehealth removes several barriers to care and patient perceived issues with office visits. 

Primary benefits to patients include:

  • Ease of use
  • Flexibility and convenience
  • Greater privacy
  • Less time off work

Telehealth Treatment Limitations

Most treatment modalities can be accommodated in telehealth sessions. Many treatment methods using telehealth can achieve equal or better outcomes with higher patient satisfaction. Clinicians have found telehealth sessions can be used to increase clinical efficiency with the same or better outcomes than office sessions.

Almost all cognitive behavioral therapies can be performed via telehealth. Many areas of specialty, PT, OT, SLP, counselors, MDs, PCPs and others benefit from telehealth.


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