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Encompass Medical Management Family 

Our Mission

Emmdata – Analytics and Service Delivery

• Research and development; telehealth; analytic modeling; data management

Emmhealth – Marketing and Account Services

• Marketing outreach; product and service implementation

EmmCogtrium – Network Management

• Provider recruitment and network service contracts

Our Mission has always been to improve the lives of patients by providing tools and services that allow health plans, employers, and clinicians to optimize both medical and financial outcomes. We are committed to the proposition that patient compliance with evidence-based medicine improves patient outcomes. To accomplish this mission, we are continually developing new and better ways to integrate data to support better decision making. Additionally, we are committed to improving the delivery of medical care through such things as telehealth and integrated near real time analytics.

Emmdata is the parent company of the Encompass Medical Management family of companies. This is where core development and innovation occurs. Emmdata has developed a wide variety of services including data modeling and management, telehealth delivery services, predictive and utilization modeling, integrated data solutions for the healthcare industry.

Our innovations are designed to work in real world settings to the benefit of patients and to improve the efficiency of healthcare providers in better meeting patient needs.

Emmhealth is the marketing and support subsidiary of Emmdata.

Technology is revolutionizing healthcare. Telehealth and other novel service delivery mechanisms such as continuous patient monitoring and near real time metrics for following patient outcomes and  measures are now realities.

Emmhealth is the marketing forum to support delivery of Emmdata products and services. Emmhealth delivers and coordinates the purchase, implementation, and support of all of our products and services.

EmmCogtrium is a network of clinicians and service providers primarily engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive and behavioral disorders and conditions. Cogtrium contracts with payers such as insurance companies, employers, union benefit plans, school districts, prisons and others that have need for access to a certified network of providers.

Cogtrium LLC was created in 2016 by Emmdata in conjunction with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education (IBBCES).  In the spring of 2018 Emmdata acquired full ownership and interest in Cogtrium. We are pleased to have Cogtrium as part of the Emmdata family of companies.

Cogtrium is committed to empowering clinicians benefit from the use of telehealth and other leading edge technology. Many payers are viewing telehealth and other technological advances as means of controlling costs and increasing appropriate referrals. Cogtrium network providers have the opportunity to opt in to network agreements.


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