Cogtrium is a joint venture between Emmdata (the parent company of Emmhealth) and IBCCES (International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education.) Cogtrium is a network of healthcare clinicians that diagnose and treat the cognitive disorders.

The Cogtrium Network negotiates with healthcare payers, employer health plans and other entities such as school districts and prisons that require provider services. Fees are waived when registering from Emmhealth.

Registration is free and once the registration information is validated you will have extremely favorable pricing for use of the telehealth platform both for your existing patients and for Cogtrium referred patients. To receive Cogtrium referrals you will be asked to opt into each applicable contract’s fee schedule.

We ask for your National Provider Identification number (NPI). If you need to look it up or create one you can do so at the Health and Human Services web site government registry.


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