Data Management and Analyses

Data Management and Analyses2018-08-29T15:30:31-05:00

Integrating data and allowing analyses from all data sources can profoundly improve outcomes

We Make Data Understandable

Healthcare is complicated by an overwhelming array of data sources and data types. For informed decisions, data must be transformed into usable information. Tools developed by the Emmdata team make data accessible to decision makers and clinicians in formats that can be readily applied to real-world situations.

Analytics and Modeling 

We provide in-depth analyses and vital information that allow health plans, employers, and clinicians to optimize both medical and financial outcomes. Data and analyses can be configured to maximize usability for health plans, employers, clinicians, or consultants.

We have extensive libraries of analyses that come prepackaged into the system. Our custom analytics and support consulting addresses novel and unique situations. Our support tools and our custom request processes are highly cost effective and allow clients to receive results in formats optimized for their use.


Basic Components Include:

  • Data integration
  • Data warehousing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Utilization analytics
  • Population modeling
  • Outcomes (clinical and financial)
  • Individual profiles
    • Patients
    • Patient comprehensive health record
    • Providers
    • Programs
    • Program effectiveness
    • Program ROI


One of the great challenges in medical management is delivering the right information to clinicians and decision makers at the right time to better inform decisions. Missing in many information strategies is reliable measurement metrics based on latest data. Determining impact is crucial for both financial and clinical success. Whether the user is a clinic, health plan, hospital system, or medical management program the issues of data inter-operability important.

Our implementation strategy is to begin where the client is and leverage existing workflows and processes where possible. Implementation progress must be built on successes. Users and stakeholders must see a reason for buy-in. Steady implementation that goes from success to success is most likely to achieve long term improvement. The platform has been built so that modular components can be introduced to fit a client’s needs.

Optimize Healthcare Data

Health Plans, Hospital Systems, Employers, and Medical Clinics, all need to integrate data from multiple sources to analyze and deliver actionable information at many levels of decision making.

Our platform offers a seamless way of organizing, analyzing and delivering data to both clinical and administrative users. We provide powerful tools to create both predictive and utilization models. We deliver tools necessary to understand what has happened with patients both individually and in aggregate as well as understanding what is likely to happen.


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