Telehealth for Providers

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How Expensive is Telehealth?

We have removed cost as a barrier to using Telehealth. We offer a range of configurations from those just beginning Telehealth to full integrated clinic solutions.  Our configurations are at rates well below our competitors. We believe telehealth can be a tool to improve the quality of care for many patients. COMPARE OPTIONS

What Can Telehealth Do For Me?

  • Increase revenues
  • Reduce brick and mortar cost
  • Reduce impact of no-show appointments
  • Extend geographic reach
  • Increase provider efficiency
  • Increase patient satisfaction


Common Telehealth Successes

Services often used include:

  • Almost all cognitive, behavioral therapies
  • Transitions of care monitoring
  • Patient follow up visits
  • Patient symptom monitoring
  • When travel is a barrier to care
  • Where patient privacy is a concern


Telehealth Examples

A few examples help illustrate the variety of situations where Telehealth can be effective. View Examples

Is Telehealth required to meet HIPAA and regulatory requirements?

The answer is a clear yes. Even though many telehealth platforms waffle or obfuscate on regulatory compliance the rules and regulations do apply both from a federal as well as a state level.

We take regulatory compliance very seriously. Our platform has been conceived and constructed to enhance compliance.

The platform resolves issues raised by privacy and security regulations:

  • A Business Associate Agreement will be necessary between the clinic or health plan and EMM
  • Telehealth standard of care requirements vary by state but most states  have adopted standards of care that are the same for both tele-sessions and in person services
  • Reimbursement requirements vary by payer and fee schedule

What equipment is required for our Telehealth treatment sessions?

  • Computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone
  • Internet connection
  • Web cam and microphone. These are built in to many devices

Even though the platform works with smart phones and tablets, most clinicians prefer to have greater screen space.

Many clinicians prefer to use a headset with integrated microphone. Also, most clinicians prefer an HD web cam.

All of these devices are very inexpensive and you likely already own them.

How can Telehealth increase revenues?

Telehealth is an additional delivery mechanism with its own compelling economic considerations. It can increase patient volume and reduce the impact of no-show appointments. A primary benefit to the clinician is it reduces the cost of care.

Telehealth reduces many barriers to care.

  • Eliminates patient travel time.
  • Increases provider efficiency.
  • Enhances patient privacy.

Telehealth extends the reach of clinicians beyond the limits of geography. Telehealth empowers clinicians who have special skills or understanding to reach patients anywhere any time. Telehealth reduces the actual  cost of delivering services. Telehealth reduces or eliminates many of the required costs of an office location.

Increased efficiency, reduced clinician stress and improved patient satisfaction are common outcomes for telehealth.

Does the platform integrate with current workflows?

The platform has powerful tools to help integrate workflows designed for ease of use, efficiency and patient experience.

Our goal is to make telehealth work for each clinic. Each platform configuration is designed to fit  the needs of various situations from single practitioner to large clinic.

Our platform:

  • Integrates with most clinic scheduling systems
  • Schedule can be exported in common formats
  • Platform manages reminders and confirmations

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