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The Basic Plan is a great entry into the world of telehealth. It gives you the ability to explore the possibilities. This is the quickest way to begin telehealth without risk. For providers that have not tried telehealth it is a good way to get started.  This plan will help you to understand what personal approaches need adjustment when using telehealth.

Behavioral practitioners find almost all of their treatment modalities work well with telehealth. For general medical practices, follow up visits and patient monitoring are ideal first areas for telehealth. Further applicability differs by specialty and treatment. Learning which patients will benefit from telehealth is important. The price point of this plan makes it ideal for understanding how telehealth will impact and expand your practice.

The Basic Plan assures secure compliant connections. This plan is ideal for providers that want to explore telehealth and determine how it can fit within their practice.

The Standard Plan gives the connection ease of the Basic Plan with the enhancement of management tools to integrate telehealth into clinical practice.

For telehealth to be really successful it has to integrate into a clinician’s regular workflow. Integrating telehealth into a clinical workflow is very easy with our tools. Features such as scheduling, patient information, payer information, commonly used ICD10 and CPT codes make our telehealth platform a time saver and will ease administrative complexity.

HIPAA and other regulations are triggered, whenever, telehealth goes beyond just the security issues in connecting patients and providers. These functions include scheduling, session notes, utilization tracking, etc. The Standard Package comes with a full HIPAA compliant business associate agreement to assist providers in meeting HIPAA and other regulatory obligations.

This Premium Plan includes everything contained in the Basic and Standard Plans. It includes unlimited sessions.

The Premium plan assigns an account manager to assist in functions such as patient information loads, customizing to meet practice preferences, configuration for distinct provider specialties.  This plan and its premium support will facilitate the integration of telehealth into your practice. The assigned account manager for  support and assistance assures a more personalized experience.

Even in the most intuitive of systems direct support can be vital. Our flexible tools coupled with our hands on customer service can make the process a seamless enhancement to your practice.





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