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Special Ed Low-Cost Pilot Offer

The pilot is a 6 week full implementation of the Telehealth Platform focused on district personnel and therapists. It includes:

  • Assisted data loads and scheduling
  • District therapist and personnel training
  • Documentation and reporting automation
  • Evaluation of automation options with IDEA/SHARS vendor or district billing software

Upon completion of the data collection the outcomes and performance measures are compared to the prior year IDEA/SHARS reporting. The comparisons provide actionable data to make better informed evidence based staffing and cost decisions.

Ancillary benefits from the pilot assist districts to better understand student outcomes and benefit of increased service frequency. The study will also provide data for better understanding how increased therapist efficiency actually reduces the district per service cost as well as overall cost and increases student services.

With Pilot The District Will Be Equipped To:

  • Better understand how to increase service reimbursements
  • Make evidence based budgeting decisions
  • Confidently predict savings and effeciency
  • Better understand student needs and how they trend over time

Spring is the time most districts do budgeting for the next school year. It is a time when they have completed the prior year’s IDEA reporting compliance. Prior year performance is usually the baseline in future budgeting and performance measures. REQUEST QUOTE

How Efficiency Is Achieved

Our platform relies on telehealth and data integration to increase efficiency and allow districts to increase services to students without increasing personnel. It is truly a way to do more with less. A second component of the platform is access to the Cogtrium Network of providers when special skills or credentials are required that aren’t available on a district’s staff. The Network access is also very useful when facing a sudden backlog of eligibility determinations suddenly occurs or a district therapist leaves unexpectedly. The Network therapists can fill in as needed.

Spec Ed Telehealth Options

Schools face significant regulation and mandated services. Federal IDEA legislation compliance can be a devastating issue.
Our solutions combine leading edge technologies to improve student outcomes



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