Telehealth Examples

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Telehealth Examples

The following are a collection of Telehealth examples designed to be thought provoking. The examples are drawn from a number of specialties and highlight why Telehealth may be a valuable option for a clinician.

“Sometimes just seeing an example spurs the imagination. Having Telehealth as an option is a key differentiation between practices. Patients find Telehealth appealing.”

Special Education – Ellie

School districts are responsible for special education students for years after they turn 18.  This example focuses on portions of a school psychologist confirming the current Individual Education Plan and making treatment plan recommendations to extend beyond her turning 18. It also illustrates the use of some speech and language  tools working in Telehealth.

Counseling – Recovery

This example focuses on interchanges between a patient that has recently completed a recovery program. He has lost his right to drive and travel is difficult. Patient is on a laptop on his porch.

Academic Adviser – Accomodaitons

Telehealth can be extremely useful in areas where regulatory compliance is required such as HIPAA and FERPA regulated organizations. This is a junior college student obtaining an accommodation to adjust her online test taking time. Student is using a classroom desktop computer.

Physical Therapy – Followup

Rehabilitation therapists are finding Telehealth follow ups an effective way of continuing to engage patients and increase compliance frequency. Patient is attending meeting through her smartphone.


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