What Can Telehealth Do for Me

What Can Telehealth Do for Me2018-03-21T17:03:24-05:00

Increase Efficiency

  • Free Clinician From the Confines of the Office
  • Extend the Reach of Therapist to More Patients
  • Treat More Patients
  • Expand Pool of Available Patients

Remove Barriers to Care

  • Eliminate Drive Time
  • Geography No Longer an Issue
  • Reduce Brick and Mortar Costs
  • Reduce Per Session Costs
  • Eliminate Many Reasons for No-Shows

Improve Patient Outcomes 

  • Better Patient Outcomes Through Greater Frequency
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • Increase Patient Privacy and Security
  • Easier Follow Up Visits
  • More Convenient Access For Patients

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